Media bay loads EXTREMELY slow. What am I doing wrong?

I rely heavily on using audio samples for editing and compositions.
The media bay has always been somewhat slow for me, but lately its gotten much worse.

Its always rescanning, scanning, updating results even on folders that are colored white (which to my understanding are folders that have already
been scanned and updated).
The attribute counter seems to get loaded with often hundreds of files that slowly tick down to 0 for it to finally load.
Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.52.29 AM.png
I did some searching here and found that a lot of people scan the entire audio sample folder when first booting cubase.
Even after doing that as my session goes on it tends to start to scan and update each folder again and again.
Also the color scheme is very confusing: Yellow, red, white… which means what? I know white means “fully scanned” but i’m not sure as that doesnt
seem to mean anything. Red means not scanned? yellow means… ?

Having to wait 5-10 min for a 60-100 audio sample folder to load every time is frustrating.
I’ve gone through and unchecked what I believe to be unnecessary searching criteria as well.

Any advice on what I could be doing wrong?

p.s. years ago the media bay was the final nail in the coffin for ableton when it came to using lots of audio files, but lately I’m beginning to wonder.

I had it too for a couple of years.

I think I solved it by completely removing an app called ‘App Cleaner’, which was also causing issues with the Time Machine backup process.

Very slow here as well. Any solutions yet?

What I’ve realized is that the stripped down media bay in the right zone of the project window responds immediately!

you mean File Browser ?

Yes, that one.