Media Bay Logical Search "is empty" not working!

I have been working extensively with Media Bay managing very large sample libraries (200.000+). Since very recently, I cannot get Media Bay to exclude empty fields in the search results. I know this worked before. This seems to be the case for some, not all columns.

Cubase Version: 9.5.21 (PRO)
Windows 10 Fall Creator

Recreate Issue:

1.) Open Media Bay
2.) Go to Sample Library (with WAVs)
3.) Choose “Logical” in search
4.) Choose Tempo > “is empty”
5.) Media Bay will now show both empty and non-empty “Tempo” fields.
6.) The expected behavior is a search result listing, which only shows samples that have an empty “Tempo” entry. Which is not the case.

The feature works as it should with other columns, such as “Genre” or “Category”. Choosing “is empty” in these instances, does only return search results that have an empty entry. This behavior does not work for “tempo”. It could somehow be related to the fact that Tempo is numeric.

I have included a screenshot to point out the problem visually.


Looks like a bug, I’ll make a report.

Here’s a sort of workaround I found though- do a search for Tempo <= 1 (any value will do really), then switch back to Tempo is Empty and run the search again. Here, the results are correct at that point.


Great, thanks Steve for your fast response. I will check out your workaround this evening. I think it will help me in the meantime!

The bug has been resolved in the latest release of Cubase 9.5.30.