Media Bay needs a fix!

When previewing Halion Sonic presets in the media bay before it loads your selected preset preview it loads that Halion City preset! It slows down the preview of the intended preset. Now I don’t know if the Media Bay loads a whole new instance of Halion Sonic in the background each time I select a new preset to preview or it just loads that Halion City preset…then deletes it in order to load the intended preset to preview.

Either scenario slows things down. Can a mod please address this?

Thank you.

Make a default preset with empty HALion Sonic.

Thanks for that HS 87. That fixes the Halion City preset from loading each time in the back ground.

I still think that because of 2 reasons Media Bay must be closing one instance of Halion Sonic and opening another every time I select a new preset?


  1. When you have the instrument open on a track and are selecting new presets it never would load that default Halion City preset each time you select a new preset.

  2. The loads times are thus:

Select new preset in Media Bay ( even with the default as empty preset in Halion Sonic 2 ) = 4-5 seconds

Select new preset when Halion Sonic is initiated on a track and the instrument window open = 1 second.

yes cause in Mediabay Cubase reload the plugin each time you change preset, even with the same plugin !

I find media bay only practical for auditioning audio loops not instrument presets. If you want to have your song playing while auditioning instrument presets it’s stutters the play back so that’s unless.

I would like the key to also distinguish between major and minor.

Also- mediabay does not retain my infobar items and order (layout and added items of the "name, tempo, size whatever items.) whenever i add new attributes to be listed, they reset on the next day or whenever)

And how about the mediabay V2 in the requests n suggestion section;)

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All of these options are only assets if they work. If not. …they work against us. Media bay is a genius idea…and if it were reliable and fluid it would be an asset. As it is…it is a liability. Logic keeps it more simple …granted…but it’s reliable…and it’s non stop creative flow. Please Steinberg …sort this out. All these options are useless and counter productive if they slow down the process.

Is Steinberg going to fix this poor programing choice of reloading the same plugin each time when auditioning presets from the same vsti consecutively from the media bay browser?