Media Bay Night Mares

Purchased Cubase 9 because of the media bay features, I have huge sample libraries and want to have easy quick access.

Everything working fine except media bay. Ive been importing now for a day, found a lot of things it didn’t like and removed. Everything now is scanned, but when I click on any sample, Cubase crashes out. So MB is total useless right now. I’ve also been adding a lot of tags and don’t really want to reset everything if I can help it (assuming I would loose my tags)

The sample libs are on a brand new drive, Cubase on SSD. Win 10 on another SSD.

any ideas?



Re scanned the disks and now working ok.

I wrestled with Mediabay for YEARS. My advice: check out Samplism. Changed my life…and no i dont work for them.