Media Bay not showing any VST sound

All of these folders show up as blank inside:

The content is certainly there, and is recognized in this location by the Library Manager. Also, you can see that “All Media Types” is selected.
I was able to access the content in question yesterday through the Media Bay, and now it is blank.



Either double-click the folder to open it, or enable the Include Folders and Subfolders button (the folder icon, next to the VST Sou.).

When double-clicked the folders lead to an empty page.


Could you try to click the Reset Filters button, please?

Resetting the filter does not change anything. The folders still appear blank inside when double-clicked. The only thing that fixes their appearance in the Media Bay is quitting, then restarting Cubase and flipping a coin. Sometimes they appear. Sometimes they do not.


It would be nice, if you could find the difference, when does it work and when doesn’t…

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?