Media Bay preset handling problem

When creating and saving a new preset for a plug-in insert, the name of the preset is not recalled when loaded from mediabay.
The name that is recalled is the name of whichever preset was loaded before making the changes and saving the new preset.
Also, saved presets do not appear in the drop down list for the plugin. This happens with all 3rd party plugins.

Reproduce by:

  • Add an Insert effect: 3rd party Compressor
  • Load a preset: Vocals 1.
  • Change the settings.
  • Click to the cube in the plug-in window and select Save preset.
  • Type the new name: Vocals tweak
  • Add another Insert effect: 3rd party Compressor.
  • Click to the cube in the plug-in window header and select Load preset.
  • Select Vocals tweak and double-click on it to apply it.
    => Preset is loaded.
    => The name in the Preset field is Vocals 1 - the original name of the adapted preset.

see video: