media bay question.. importing wav/mp3 files to drum map?

i am just unsure of one question on media bay. does it only search and let you select “steinberg” presets,sound. or can you set it up to wav/mp3 files also. any information would be nice!

im anxious to add my own one hit drum samples into cubase but not sure on how to do so.

can you add your own samples into a drum map, then save the drum map to be played on groove agent 1 ?

i really dont want to just have a seperate audio file channel and play the one drum sample… does anybody have a solution?

Hi, I know this is going to work with wav format.
I am not sure if you tried this :
Import your drum loop you like the sounds of into cubase project :
1)File/import audio
find the loop from the menu and confirm your selection. Cubase will load it at the play bar to a new audio track or to your audio track marked for recording.
2) Click on the imported drum loop 2x , new window opens. on the left- click hitpoints and edit hitpoints button. if you want more or less hitpoints(if the loop has various velocities/loudness of hihats for example) drag the bar under threshhold writing and then close this new window.Now click on the loop again only 1x if its not highlighted and go to the top menu bar of cubase and go:
3) Audio/hitpoints/create slices from hitpoints - the track is still one event and cubase will load everything into groove agent (or divide audio at hitpoints and highlight those you want to use)
Now load new groove agent (F11) and select/keep empty preset and grab your highlighted audio you just prepared and drag it to your groove agent C1 pad(the most bottom left one out of 16) and see the pads have names you can tap them with ur cursor and voala :slight_smile:
congratulations, now you have your own kit loaded.
By the way make sure your new track with groove agent is not muted.

Or if you have your groove agent loaded with the cubase presets you like and want an extra kick/snare/splash/… drum sound try to drag the wave file of your new sound in your cubase track into an empty pad of groove agent.
I hope it will work for you.

Regards :mrgreen: :bulb:

Obviously the mediabay works with non Steinberg wav/mp3 files. I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but you should check out “midi loops” and “pattern banks” in the manual and then read the chapter on mediabay again to see how the mediabay works with midi loops and pattern banks.

by the way keeping your kick drums in its own channel is very handy for side chaining expecially compression side chain. Check out the halion sonic se preset called : all kick drums. It is an ultimate kick/base drum bank. After I discovered that preset and learned how to side chain, I always keep my kicks in its own channel. absolute wonder maker tool that sidechain, you should check it out :wink: