Media Bay Remove Locations


I can´t remove the locations on media bay clicking the “Remove Browse Location Definition” button.
I click remove and the locations remain there.
I have already made the full scan and i was able to add new locations but the old ones remain.
Is there a way to edit some file at preferences to remove them manually? Or some workaround?
I really don´t want to clear my preferences folder again and re-scan all over again.

Thanks in advance


The solution is to remove this file: “Presets media browser locations.pxml” located on User/App Data/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 6/Presets/


I’m having the same problem over here so it seems to be a bug.

I set up a “Location” for a folder called Sample Packs and then moved the specified folder to a different location in my hard drive. After doing so the Location specification in the drop-down menu at the top of Media Bay would not react when being clicked (instead just reverting to the currently highlighted folder). I tried highlighting the specified folder and hitting the Remove Browser Location Definition button but nothing would happen. Trying to Add Location for the same folder with the same name yields no result. I’m guessing I have to somehow delete the listing for Sample Pack in the Location drop-down menu in order to reassign that name to the appropriate folder.

I’m running Snow Leopard 10.6.7 and the file path specified by jconstantine does not exist in my operating system.

Its not a very big bug but its kind of frustrating. Can anyone help me out?

Could it be the Don’t Ask Again box was checked in the dialog box at one point?

Wolf-Ray, did you try trashing prefs as above?

This is the path for Mac.


Worked like a charm. Thanks a million, Mashedmitten.

To anyone else, DO NOT change the location of a file on your hard disk if that file is set as a Location in the Media Bay. If this happens you will need to find and remove the Media Browser Location .pxml file located in the file paths specified in this thread or you will not be able to delete or reassign that Location listing.

When you are trashing the .pxml file do not leave Cubase open or it will simply recreate the same error when you exit the program. If Cubase is closed, trash the file and you will be free to assign your moved folder as a Location again.

Of course you could assign a moved folder as a Location if you use a different name besides the glitched listing but you would still have the minor annoyance of having a dead listing in the Locations menu.

Not exactly the same issue - but similar . . .

Posted Here
Wondering where Cubase stores the locations of sound files for it’s included VSTis . . .

Particularly Halion Sonic SE - but I’m sure it’s the same for all.

As I explained in my other post - I ended up with duplicate installs of VST Sounds due to having 2 separate boot drives . . . had to reinstall sounds for each install of Cubase for the VSTi’s to recognize the sounds - like the HSO sounds for HSSE.

All sounds are on another Hard Drive that stays in place for either system drive.

Anyone here have a clue on this?