media bay samples not playing to the project correctly

Everytime i audition a loop or sample via media bay, i have the auto play, align beats to project, wait for project to play buttons selected so i can hear what the sample or loop will sound like on my track as it plays.

As i scroll down my samples in mediabay, every second, or third sample or loop plays (as the bar moves across the waveform) but the sample or loop doesnt play. if i click off that loop onto another and then back again, it sometimes plays it. But im finding this is happening to me everytime iam using mediabay to audition my samples.

Can anyone help out?

IF in doubt, I would completely rebuild the Mediabay database…(remove your mediabay file,and let cubase rebuild it for you, I have notice this type of behavior with mediabay using metadata from files that were written with a previous version of Cubase. 5/5.2/5.5/6 etc.

Not a big deal to rebuiild your database, and your Metatagging methinks, (I have 3 terabyte of data,and it took me a few days to completely redo my library, cleaning the tags from files and retagging with C6… but it paid off :smiley: .

thanks for the reply bud, i will give this a shot.

but by rebuilding the mediabay file, you mean to remove all the folders in my sample drive from mediabay and then rescan them or is there a data file you are referring to?

im a bit hesitant to rebuild it also cause when i fisrt installed c6 and ran the mediabay scan it would constantly freeze to “update media files” for hours even days and it took me over a month to get it to its current working position. what i will do but is take an image of my pc as is and if it goes bad, i can revert to current working state.

hey bud,

I’ve just upgraded to C6 and been having the same problems you had…none like this ever happened in C5.

Did re-building your mediabay solve the problem ?

If yes how did you do that.

Thanks in advance

hey bud, no rebuilding my media bay didnt work. i tried the update to 6.04 but it kep freezing before i could load media bay, so i couldnt test if that fixed it.

is yours still doing it too? i cant work it out.

You may check this topic as well about MediaBay-related issues:

sweet, ill take a look at this link now.

i did try 6.0.4 - still doing the same shit!

If there is any Freezing, I would hazard a guess & suggest you run a DIsk Scan , check for any bad sectors on your disk with the utility from your Hard Drive Vendor…freezing to me suggests a problem that Cubase cant get round.

Try to use AIFF files instead of wav. I found that AIFF files are more stable on loops than WAV or REX.

Same problem here plus certain loops just don’t sync to the project. Of course I rebuilt my mediabay and everything support told me. It’s stays a unsusable for me.

hey bro…check your soundcards ASIO buffer size - that worked for me. Some buffer sizes make the mediabay go crazy without being able to sync to the project.

What fixed my problem.


I have been waiting years for this to happen!!!

I have to use Ableton Live as a rewire just for this function and hate having to rewire!!!

Why will you not do this after people have been requesting it for many years?

It would be great to right click and slice to groove agent from the media bay!!!

This is the way I produce and it has me leaning more towards Ableton live.

I find Cubase to slow for things like this and to have it all would make Cubase a more fully loaded DAW.