Media Bay search doesnt work

I’ve scanned all my relevant Harddiscs and C9 shows me all the files in the results field but as soon as i try to type in any search word the search field goes red and the results filed doesnt show anything.
Everything works as expected in Cubase 8.5 but not here in C9.
Did i Miss something ?

any idea ?

I have noticed some erratic media bay search behavior also on 9…it works sometimes and sometimes not. worked flawlessly in 8.5.2

Make sure ‘All Media Types’ is selected in the menu just above the file list (button to the left).
Make sure ‘Any Attribute’ is selected.

Works flawlessly here.

My searching didn’t work in CB9 either until I increased the “Maximum items allowed in results list” preference to 100000.

I’ve tried all the examples here, none of them work. 8.5 works flawlessly but not in C9…

Is ‘All Media’ selected in the Locations section ?
Have you checked what is ticked in ‘Define Locations’ ?
Are your Locations settings the same as 8.5 in Media Bay settings ?
Could you supply a screenshot with all Media Bay sections showing please?

I’ve made sure that “All Media” is set in the locations combo box.

I’ve read that deleting the “mediabay3” Data Base File sometimes works and i’ve located
it under “C:/user/username/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase9” to delete it.
Cubase then rebuilt the media bay data base and everything works now as expected. :astonished:
It looks like there was something going wrong during the first scan…

Update: After applying the current Cubase 9 update to 9.0.10 the issue came back ! :frowning:
I had to delete the mediabay3 data file again to set it back to normal.
After a restart the problem comes back again and the media bay results window keeps being empty.
This is actually annoying !
Can anybody confirm this ?

I’ve tried several possible solutions, none of them works. The problem persists here. Any other suggestions ?

What do you mean “something gone wrong with first scan?”

To confirm it works prior but not after the 9.0.10 update?

I too would have thought of deleting the data base file, but you did that with no luck. Have you trashed all preferences and done a re-build? Others might suggest opening in Cubase Safe Mode, but I have no personal experience doing that and I’m not sure if doing that is exactly the same as trashing everything inside the Cubase folder.

mediabay still not working correctly :imp:

We have managed to solve Dezzo’s problem by copying the Cubase 8.5 mediabay database file to replace the faulty Cubase 9 mediabay database.
Find the Cubase 8.5 database file here:
C:\Users(your username)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5_64 -> mediabay3.db (Copy this file)
go to
C:\Users(your username)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64 -> Paste the copied file mediabay3.db here and make sure to replace the defective one.

Start Cubase 9 with an empty template and wait for half a minute. Then open the Mediabay, wait around 10 seconds and close it again. Restart Cubase completely and check if the problem has been solved.

Otherwise, you will need to
1- Delete the Cubase 9 preferences folder (yes your preferences are likely defective and there is nothing to do but rebuild them from zero).
2- Hide the Cubase 8.5 preferences folder temporarily and start Cubase 9 from scratch to configure it.
3- Move the Cubase 8.5 preferences folder back to its original location (See paths above).