Media Bay Search Results


I am using Cubase 8.5 and have noticed a strange anomaly with Media Bay - where content is ‘hidden’ unless specifically filtered. For example:

1, Create an empty project.
2. Open Media Bay
3. Remove all filters to show all file types, al instruments and all classifications (e.g. no filters at all)
4. Scroll down files (arranged in numero-alphabetical order) to find a file called ‘Dynasty - 01 - Audio - Beat1’ (which is part of the Progressive House Content Set) - and it will not be in the list.
5. Enter the search term ‘Dynasty’ - and the audio file will appear.
6. Likewise, if one chooses to filter for the Sub Category ‘Beats’ the file will be found. However, it will ‘disappear’ once all filters are deselected and the content is displayed (or supposed to be displayed) in its entirety.

It seems to me that there is a bug in the way Media Bay displays content as a whole. Or is there some other explanation for this strange behaviour?

Thanks for looking into this.