Media Bay sorting issue.

Since I moved over to Cubase from FL studio a while back, I could never get use to the media bay.
It just seemed like way more work than it had to be.
In FL Studio, you slide up and down on the left hand side, open the folder you want (808 e.g) then drag and drop.
I could have a whole kit built in 30 seconds.

In Cubase, the media bay is bulky and frankly, has too many useless sorting options.
I guess the closest I can get is using the media bay on the right side of the screen,
but I can not get it to sort by folder like fl studio does.
All I get is thousands of sounds (sorted alphabetically in this case)
I’d love to just see all of my sounds sorted into folders, like a tree structure (909, 808, hi-hats, etc.)

I’m sure this is an option, and I’ve been missing it all this time.
If anyone knows, please help.


In the MediaBay Rack, click to the Home button. Then select File Browser. In the upper part, you can browse thru the tree on your drive. In the lower part you can see the result.