Media Bay Speed

Hi forum,

maybe you can help me with this:

I notice extreme differences in the speed of listing results in Media Bay on my N7.
Sometimes I get my results almost immediately, as soon as I type my search phrase and sometimes Media Bay is painfully slow. It will then take half a minute before I get the first results.

However I am not able to recognize the “pattern” behind this. It seems completely random.

Does anybody have a hint for me?


Are you searching any spinning drives that have a sleep mode enabled (meaning they have to spin up prior to search or playback)?

No, all the sounds are on my 4TB boot drive.

Right, but the drive is always spinning then? I mean, you don’t have it set so it goes to sleep after a while if it’s not used?

Yes, the drive does not power down when it’s not used.
I’ll rebuild the database and see what it’s like then.

Thanks for the idea.

I unmounted the volume database and rebuilt it from scratch.
It’s been fast all day long now.

I have found hat volume databases are frighteningly slow compared to local ones. Needs fixing.
It has been reported to Steinberg and recognized as an issue.
In the mean time stick to local only.

Exactly. Thanks.