Media Bay

I’m certainly missing a lot here, so please, help a poor fellow out.

I have recorded 3 audio tracks, rendered them into one. Just a simple loop. Now, this audio file I would like to “save” in the Media Bay, preferably to a folder of my own choice, where I will put similar grooves and patterns and whatnot over time. I fumbled around and couldn’t find anything. In despair and innocence I even dragged the event to the right zone. :laughing: :blush:

How do I do it?

you must choose what the media bay will include in its searches. So say you save export an audio track into d:\myloops\filename.wav you go to media bay and find the drive + folder and choose to include it in the media bay by selecting it.

if you did render in place this loop will be in the project folder you are working in in the audio folder

Oh, ok. So it’s done manually. I was hoping there would be a way to do this without me having to manage the folder locations and mixdown each time.

Thank you Glenn!

well if you save to a location that media bay already scans it will work automatic, but those locations are Steinberg presets etc. To stay organized I would recommend you do this 1 time, it takes a few seconds.