Media Browser-> paste a file directory path to open it up

In the little mini-media bay on the right, it would be cool if you could just paste a file directory and it would open it up with the “file browser” function.

So if I paste this in:

C:\Users\Oxy\Documents\Cubase Projects

The file browser will open up that folder as if I manually went to “File Browser” and opened up the path by hand. Basically I don’t wanna have to navigate the path by hand when I have the file path already on hand. There’s lots of temporary folders I need to search fast so navigating by hand gets annoying and the folders are just temporary so it doesn’t make sense to add to the “Favorites” function.


Please, add the feature-request tag, for these kind of posts.

Btw, the “mini-media bay on the right” is named MediaBay Rack. :wink: