Media - "Create Track" command hidden

Now, this one drove me crazy for half an hour and thought I should share, in case anyone can confirm or reject this as an issue.

Months ago, I’ve mapped a button to this command: Media->Create track.

I’ve never noticed any problem.

Earlier tonight, I wanted to make a small video demo and send to a friend which included the usage of this command.

The demo didn’t work, so I went to Edit->Key Commands, only to find out that this specific command (create track) was not there. I was surprised, because I KNOW it was there, since I’ve been using it for some time now, but as you can see in the following screenshot, it’s just not there:


This got me to think of what can be wrong here, so I opened Media->Sound Browser, selected a track preset, right clicked on Create track, and the track was created. I immediately returned to Edit->Key Commands and now… Media->Create track was there :joy:


Anyone, can confirm this behaviour? And if so, could maybe explain the logic behind this approach?

Note: This has nothing to do with the 0.70 update, I’ve noticed this one yesterday too, but didn’t have time to look into it in detail.


I can reproduce it the very same way here on my side.

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Thank you Martin.
I’ve checked the keyCommands.xml just to see what happens. I left it open, and then began the procedure described above. Notepad++ informed me about a change to the xml and upon reloading, the command is inside the file. But then, upon restarting Cubase, it vanishes again. I don’t know, maybe there is a reason for this behaviour.

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Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Yes, there are whole categories in the Key Commands tree that go missing until we use the component.

I’ve seen the same here.

, which was back in 11, and interesteningly enough, again in the “Mediabay” system. (Browser, Inspector, etc.)


I do have the same question. How many commands do we miss? :slight_smile:
Let’s check it out. Could you please advice on suspicious areas, as you did with the “inspector”? We can then automate a process to watch the xml for changes on-the-fly and find out missing ones.

I wouldn’t know where to start. During the key command project, I would open up the section of Cubase most relevant to the commands, and see if “sub-categories” opened up while working with them.

So, I suspect there could be overlap between Media and Audio (due to the Pool “window/subsystem”), Media/Mediabay/Sound Browser/Loop Browser, the Score Editor with Text Sizes and the Score Symbol Editor “application”.

e.g. I’m seeing some notes now.

Note: In order to get to the Score Symbol Editor, you need to have the User Symbols Palette visible. Right clicking on the symbol tile will give you the option to Open or Edit the symbol, which will finally launch the Score Symbol Editor. Or, you can use the key command Scores → User Symbols…

and for Text Size (which probably has to do with the Score Editor’s Page Mode (???))

Note: All following commands have either been removed in 11, or I can’t find the trigger to make them show up in the “Key Commands” window.

But other than that, I don’t believe I have a reliable algorithm for this.

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