Media Offline


After setting up a new computer, I am getting a “Media Offline” on some projects. (image 1).

I use onedrive to save all my files, and they are all synced and available in my new computer. (image 2)

Installed VST Live with the same updates, and setup as my previous Computer

Is there any setting I´m missing?

Thansk in advance for any help




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Hello @vsosa1314

One drive file paths are dependent on computer user name and can do some funny stuff from time to time.

You can double check the file paths by going through Song Menu > Song Media Files. It might give you a better idea of what’s happening.

OneDrive is fine for many things, but we suggest to not use it for document storage for local apps. That includes VST Live Projects and their media files. Just use local folders! You can “Save Archive” and drop the archived folder or zip to the OneDrive folder, and load and unpack it elsewhere, but don’t work on OneDrive files directly.
Of course, that may also apply to other forms of offline/cloud data storage systems.

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Thanks, I see whats going on now.
Is there a way to change the path of the media files.
Somehow they are not as they where before, for example:
Some audio files where in VSTPro/audio/Gig… and are now inside an audio/Gig directory of a Song Folder. Don´t know how that happen

A quick question.
Once a project is save as archive. Everytime I edit something, is it save within that folder using the regular save, or will it be necessary to archive it again to consolidate all the media every time a change is made?

VST Live will search media files

  • at the original path when it was imported
  • at the last saved path
  • at the media folder next to the project file (like “audio”, “midi” etc)

Most importantly, you should save your project before importing anything to avoid confusion.

Changes are usually saved to the folder where the project file is saved. To keep things clean, don’t save your project to another folder, use the Save Archive function if you need to move a project.
Once you’ve done that and open the archived project and continue to work with it (best to “Save As”) and not save it somewhere else, and have preference “Copy imported” enabled, everything should stay within that project folder and its subfolders.

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