Media Preview -> Playback speed control

I’d like to be able to preview my sound libraries at different pitches, before deciding which sounds I want to import into my project. Right now, just to preview sounds at a different pitch, I’d have to duplicate all my audio files and render them at the given pitch… do you know the crazy amount of time this would take just to preview one different pitch???

Why do I want to preview at different pitches?? Because some samples are complete garbage or boring at their normal pitch. Some sounds which are boring at their normal pitch sound absolutely amazing one or two or three or even four octaves lower; and occasionally also when pitched higher too, but I often find more interesting stuff by pitching down. However, some sounds still sound boring when pitched down, and in order to go through and see which sounds are cool when pitched down, I’d have to import one sound at a time and pitch it down and delete it and remove it from my project audio pool, then import the next sound, etc… or I could do it the way I mentioned above… neither of them are viable or practical options AT ALL.

I think I’ve suggested something similar before. Because I also think it would be cool to preview sounds in reverse. How hard could this implementation be? You wouldn’t be altering the sounds in any way; you’d merely be changing the speed and direction that Cubase reads the audio data.

So yeah, an adjustable pitch/playback speed option and also reverse option would be so amazing for previewing sounds. Because sounds can sound completely different at different pitches and also when reversed :smiley:

oh… and also being able to load up a vst plugin on the audio previewer would be so cool too… like if i wanted to preview sounds with distortion… or ring modulation, etc… because those also can completely change the character of the sound… so knowing what it will sound like before importing into the project would be niiiiiice.