Media Previewer - Reverse Mode

It would be cool to have a reverse option for the previewer in the media bay as well as the mini media bay on the right hand side of the main window.

Sometimes I was to find a cool reversed sound, but sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly how something will sound when reversed when you hear it going forward…

Actually, it might be cool to preview sounds with effects on them as well. Like, if I wanted to go through a list of snare samples I have but I wanted to hear what they sounded like with a bit crusher on it or reverb, or an EQ filter, that would be really cool and help with the creative juices.

and some option like “ADSR sample manager”, where you can do reverse, forward then reverse…
you can set things to loop or one shot (very usefull) … and align tempo to project tempo (mediabay does it) but also key matching very easily.

so maybe you could try the free ADSR Sample Manager instead of mediabay

oh cool, i’ll have to look into that, but obviously it would still be great if it was built in to cubase’s mediabay.

Sure, me too. Mediabay has a better tagging function than ADSR SampleManager … so if mediabay had the best function of ADSR implemented it would be the best for sure !