Media tab not showing third-party samples

Cubase 11 is not showing almost any third-party audio samples in Media tab (a very few show up btw), however they show up in Media Bay properly. I don’t know what’s wrong with cubase but it used to show all my samples in Media tab. The screenshots show you the example.

For example, this 808s folder contents are not appearing in Media tab

But it is appearing in Media Bay

Is this a bug, or since I updated from cubase 10.5 something has changed?
Please tell me what preference to change to fix this issue. Thank you.

I found some similar issues on reddit and found a solution to this.

The solution is included in the second link, however, it is what I want to avoid because adding my third-party samples to cubase favorite is literally pain in the ass.

Preferably there is another and simpler answer to this issue…
Not so many people are talking about this issue, which means it is only me running into this problem?