MediaBay and external drive?

welcome everybody.
The problem make me slowly sick…
I think idea of MediaBay is really cool…
But not in my case.
I keep all samples and library in external drive ssd connected with usb3.
Not slow solution at all.
But when i am trying browse some con tents in MediaBay, mostly cubase freeze and i have to kill the process and start daw again?
Any sugestions?


Have you tried to create volume databases for each external drive?


Yes , i was trying now. Same. just enter to mediabay, click on any random item and imediately game over. Need to restart cubase. honestly i am not even sure if is a problem with keeping datas on external drive, but i dont remember this happend before. till i am not using mediabay, everything else goes well, zero issues.

Maybe there is some kind of hiccup. You could try to delete your MediaBay prefs in the preferences folder (create a backup of the file before!!). The file is named: mediabay3.db

Yesss…! Looks like it works. I had to remove mediabay pref, than after start Cubase important step was to uncheck scaning folder with my external samples database. Seems like it was too much for scaning 200 gb or just process need to takes more time and i should not touch nothing this time but about this i am not really sure. So pitty in the end that Cubase is not able to handle big databases…
Thanks a lot of course