Mediabay and segments


In the mediabay you can select a file and the sound will play and a waveform is visible. Why can’t we select a part of the wavform and copy/paste it to where we want?
How difficult is it to make some special features for audio segments. How about panning per segment, eq per segment and auxsends per segment… all reeltime no rendering.
Much easier than panning a whole chnnel (even with automation it is clunky).
Pan segment left and the next right, crossfade from one to the other.
Eq for a telephone sound and regular sound on ONE track!
Ending a piece of music with reverb, clip the last bit choose a send, bam only reverb on the end NO AUTOAMTION NEEDED.
Sure automation should stilll work for more channelbased work… BUT ADD SEGMENT BASED features (Protools now has reeltime eq per segment).

I’m not against clip based plug ins…

But, you can drag just a part of a sfx from mediabay to track…
Just paint the part you want and drag…

And I don’t really understand how automation is “cluncy”?
It is superfast and very easy. Even with mouse control…

Clunky is that you have to set read and write then run it realtime and do the panning (with a mouse??), or paint the line after you open the automation track select panning, do the dots etc. That is clunky.

I suggest click on a segment, set the panning left, done!
Cut the segment in half, set the panning of the second segment right, add a crossfade, the sound will pan from left to right. Imagine doing this with eq and or sends…magic and fast.

Ha I didn’t see that, painting and or holding ctrl key. Sorry about that! NICE Thanks Tumppi

Make sure to Try The mediabay related key commands (most are not assigned as default) very very useful.