Mediabay attempted to mount the volume database problem


I get this popup every time I start Cubase.

When I press “Don’t mount volume database”, Cubase starts and works pretty much as usual.

If I press “Delete local database entries” the program crashes.

It’s a bit annoying to press this button every time I start Cubase!
Anyone else have a similar problem?

I’m on latest versions on both Mac system and Cubase, running in Rosetta 2 on an M1.


I can’t speak to the Mac side of things. But I’d try going to the Media Bay, make sure that it is set to only scan the locations you want and then forcing a rescan.

Did you get this resolved? I’m having the same issue here, too.

Hey Jake!

Sorry no, I have not tried to fix this yet.
When I posted this I had a lot of work to do and after that I’ve been on vacation :blush:

But as soon as I’m back I will check this out again.

Maybe it is as simple as deleting the “mediabay3.db” file and letting it rebuild it self again.