MediaBay Browsing with the new MIDI Remote API

I’ve been mostly using the NKS browsing using my NI Komplete Kontrol when it comes to the sound selection (isn’t that by the way one of the most basic things, we do in our songs preparation?)

However, lately and after the appearance of the new Midi Remote API, I’ve been scripting as many as possible functions which are useful to my workflow, on my Arturia Keylab. It completely transformed my controller, and I’m pretty happy with it.
Now, knowing more and more (not an experienced Cubase user) basically while scripting, I’ve came up with some limited integration with the MediaBay, based on the given commands:

I have an open/close sound browser, a “Tab” or as it’s called a “Right” button to navigate through the attributes (Category, Subcategory etc), my jog wheel to navigate up/down through the elements of an attribute, a “toggle” button to select/unselect an attribute, and finally a button dedicated to “Create track” from the selected preset.

However, I think that a more immediate approach than that of “Tab/Right” could be provided, and here’s my feature request:

I wish to have dedicated Navigate Up/Down for each attribute, or to be more precise for each attribute column (I know that users may alter the attributes’ table based on their own preferences).
This way we could eliminate the “Tab” usage (for example if I’m in the Category attribute, I have to “Tab” 6-7 times to go to the Presets section). I KNOW that (and in my beta I already did this) I can send multiple “Tabs” to go wherever in the browser I want to, but this may suffer if a user has a different number of attributes’ tabs. Note that this part may be handled by adding commands (Category Up/Down, Subcategory Up/Down and so on, or Attribute 1, 2,…) and it’s not necessarily bound as feature-request to the remote API.

BUT, as a sub wish, and this may be done in the remote API, it would be pretty nice to expose the selected element (name) and its attribute, i.e. upon navigating up/down a mOnDisplayValueChange would fire up and in a arg2,arg3 couple would provide us with Attribute,Preset Name.

I KNOW and perfectly understand that the purpose of the mediaBay is to quickly find the preset we want, and that by using our mouse this can be a very fast process. However, anyone could argue the same for whatever functionality exists in the midi remote concept. So, I think that this set of feature requests is valid :slight_smile:

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