MediaBay Bug or Feature Request when importing audio?

Does everyone have the following issue? When I double click on an audio file from the MediaBay to add it to my project, the created track is at the bottom of the session and the audio is added to the first bar. What I would prefer is for it to add the track under my selected track, and the audio file at the playhead. Is there settings to do this?

Alternatively I just tested adding an instrument from MediaBay an it indeed adds it underneath my selected track, so perhaps this is an oversight or I’m missing a preference somewhere for audio?

If others can confirm this behavior and/or want it changed, please post.

Yes, when double clicking, that’s what I see too.

But if you right-click you get some options, including the one you mentioned, and then, if you have a track selected it will go onto that track. If no track is selected it goes on the bottom.

So if you want to create a new track with that file on it there’s no way it won’t go on the bottom.

I imagine it’s a missing feature as opposed to a bug. If this was implemented I would use it, whereas I never double-click to do this, I usually drag the file, or use one of the right-click options.

Thank you very much for the great explanation! Yeah, it would be a great additional feature, but I will get by with creating a track first and dragging the audio over. It would just be a bit better workflow to simply double-click and have it add a track under the selected and put the audio at your playhead. For after auditioning audio files I sometimes do not want to add anything at all, which means that extra audio track must now be deleted.