MediaBay Bug


Im having a really strange problem and i could really use some help on this subject.

Dont know if its a C9 bug or a problem on my end.

  • When i close and re-open the mediabay on the right side of the screen (not the main mediabay with f5) its sending midi messages to my vst-plugins in the project.

Its giving me alot of problems, as its resetting dynamics wheel, modulation wheel, filters, etc. Depends on what plugins i have loaded and selected in the project.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before in C9? Any suggestions are welcome

I´ve recently upgraded my pc and are temporary using the onboard sound on the new motherboard, because i have no firewire port. Dont know if that could be the reason for this problem.


Videofile of the problem

edit 2:

Apparrently when closing and re-opening mediabay on the right, its sending midi messages to cc1, resetting whatever is assigned to it.

edit: 3

Ok i think this is a major C9 bug. I can reproduce this issue on 2 computers. Can someone please do these exact steps and confirm please:

–>Open Halion Sonic se --> Save track as track preset --> Go to mediabay on the right side and load your newly saved track preset into project --> now close and open mediabay on the right side and it will be sending midi message to cc1 causing the modulation wheel to reset to zero in Halion Sonic se. Same with other vst´s aswell


i usually just press f5 if I want media bay. I don’t use that pane thingy

Strange. Consider sending it to MySteinberg tech support so they will see this.

Actually i can produce this error in C8.5 aswell on 2 pc´s and also with the main mediabay with f5. But can someone please confirm, so i can be sure its not just on my system.

  1. Open Halion Sonic SE or any other vst plugin in a empty project
  2. Open MediaBay and select an instrument track-preset
  3. Close and open MediaBay and Halion Sonic SE wil receive midi-messages and reset the modulation-wheel

Thank you.

I know this is an old thread - but I’ve only just noticed this problem myself (and actually in 7.5). Did you ever find a fix?