Mediabay challenges + REVerence problem

There is one problem I cannot solve with my Nuendo 5 installation. When I save a preset of a VST effect or VSTi I cannot see it afterwards in the same plug in load window until I have made a rescan of the corresponding folder in the Mediabay browser (F5). That’s really annoying. On the same machine I have Cubase 6 and there it works as it should. Of course I doubled the Mediabay settings to Nuendo but with no success. That’s so odd … any ideas?
And why cant I see the same folder of the preset save dialog in the preset load dialog? What are the folders for when I cannot use them for loading presets?

And beside this, REVerence in both programs often failed to load impulse responses, although it is pointing in the file selector box (after clicking OK in the ‘Impulse Response not found’ dialog), to the correct file.It is highlighted but not automatically loaded even if it finds the right file? How strange is this? The Impulse response folder is within the REVerence preset folder and scanned by the almighty Mediabay.