Mediabay - clean up?

is there any point trying to clean up (some how) the “mediabay3.db” file ? mine is 777mb so far , I have been using C12 / C13 for a couple of year . not should if starting again will speed things up or help anything ?

love some seasoned user feed ?

thx All

Okay, so I did a load of testing and I can reply to my own post here and hopefully this will help someone else complete game changer in terms of responsiveness from media Bay!!!

1st I deleted this file from the Cubase Prefs folder (777mb)

Next I delete this Folder

Then I re-opened C13 and let it do its thing , I then ended up with a new “Steinberg MediaBay Server” folder with a 84mb.db file in it ,

the result is a snappier mediabay , also all my presets load much fast for all plug-ins