MediaBay crashes while scanning folders containing REX-files

I open the MediaBay. I tick a folder containing content I want to add (which by the way has been added to Cubase before and hasn’t been changed in a very long time. In 8.0.20, The cursor changes to busy (cursor plus blue circle, in Win7), as if it’s working, but it never finishes.
I just reverted to 8.0.10, now it’s visibly working (can see the folder structures being scanned), but at some points, it seems it just spins and spins (the update indicator at the right in the windows) and gets stuck on the current view; the content list is not updated when changing folder.

It happened when it reached a folder containing REX-files (*.rx2), so I zipped all the rex files in my library and deleted the rex files. Now, it works like a charm. Seems the MediaBay now has a problem with REX-files.

This is very old news. I moved all my Rex files to a separate location years ago to avoid accidentally scanning them.

Hi there,

had kinda similar problem recently… Media bay scanning and stacked in a rex folder.
In my opinion there is a corrupt file in that folder that makes media bay/cubase to crash. so if u can find witch file that is u can delete it and continue the scan. but its not easy to see witch file that is but u can see (from the tree view on the left) witch folder it is…
hope that helps somehow…