Mediabay - database

Just trying to understand mediabays database , I see you can look at the volume or hard drive and check folders within that hard drive, mediabay then scans the folders or drives , when you un-check you get a dialog “remove from database”

I’ve done some tests and I can’t see my database getting smaller after I un-check some large folders on my drives, is this right >?

If you want to understand it, open it in an application that can read it. Are you familiar in general with how databases work?

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Don’t really use standalone database apps anymore, I can see mediabay creates a .db file in the cubase pref, maybe I’m missing something, I see it getting bigger when I add check more folders from my drive,
my question was I don’t see it getting smaller when I un- check and I’m asked do I want to remove .

Maybe the folders data is not being removed when un-checked just not search ?

The mediabay database is a SQLite database, so nothing you can simply open in an editor or so. This database is managed by the MediaBayServer process and you should not try to manipulate it manually.

Database files do not shrink if you delete records in it, the space managment usually keeps the occupied space to reuse it later.

The mediabay db is really tiny, so what do you want to do with it?

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Thank you very helpful. I’m Just trying to understand it really , couldn’t work out there is a warning dialog when you un-check a folder , is there a reason ?
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 09.23.50

If I scan a full 8TB which has 10000s + samples and Kontkat Patches , will this slow things down over time ?

btw I am not going to try to edit it, I don’t see why you would :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen the dialog message, but it seems as if the mediabay server has found a database record that points to some files that do not exist anymore. So if the “TRAILER BOOMS” is not there on the disk you can remove it from the database as well.

Scaning tens of thousands of samples and patches will definitely take some time, but when it is done it will store just records that point to the real location of the sample. So your mediabay database is not going to grow massively.

Reading through these records in the database is also no issue, 10.000 records is still a nice and tiny database (for a database system this is a toy size). What I don’t know is what the mediabay server is doing to keep the database in sync with what is really stored on your disc. Here someone from Steinberg needs to answer how this is really working and how changes on disc are detected.

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Thx , I get the Dialog every time I un-check a checked folder , doesn’t seem to be linked to missing or removed folders. Maybe it’s just a preference, don’t ask again and I’ll never see it, I was curious

I am really getting into mediabay its amazing , so poweful

Does anyone know how the tagging is link to the files ?
example I have a folder of Toms .wavs ,
so in MediaBay I add Sub Style - “Soundtrack” and Sub category “Toms”

but how is it saved I know it doesn’t update the Sample modify date , so can it be broken some how , its lots of work , so just wondering


The database contains a column named path, that contains the link to the physical file on the disk

You can add it to the view by clicking on the little gear wheel in the upper right corner, select Media in the dialog and then select Path in the list.

Thanks Again ! , so if you change HD or Move Folder around , will Mediabay relink to the sample some how ?