MediaBay does not save preferred Media

Hello folks,

I have finally reached the point where I had to ask…

Every time I open Cubase (9.5.3), and subsequently scroll through media in the right zone, the media shown has been reset to show all media, even those in the folders I deselected in the last session. When I open MediaBay - surely enough - it has checked the same bunch of folders I deselected last time.

Interestingly, these are the “Cubase” folders, meaning “VST Sound”, “Factory Content”, and “User Content”. Is there any way I don’t have to uncheck these every time I open Cubase without otherwise using a sledgehammer?



Could you please write step by step reproduce? What kind of folders are these? Are these your own folders, or some Steinberg content?

Hello Martin,

Thanks for responding. The folders are not my own, and can be found (at least in my case) all the way at the bottom of the File Browser when I open Media Bay (F5).

Purchased content from the Steinberg website, for instance, end up in VST Sound. The other two contains presets and such.


Could you share a screenshot and mark the folders on the screenshot, please?

Hello Martin.

See attached.



Thank you, now I can reproduce it. I reported it to Steinberg (CAN-17424).

Thanks for you help, Martin

Have you received an answer from Steinberg?