MediaBay does not see a folder with samples

Recently (probably after updating 9.0.30) MediaBay does not save scan samples. The video below shows, I scan the first folder, then I scan the second one (in theory everything should open). But in fact, I switch to folders and samples I do not see how I did not scan. Previously, everything was fine. Why is this happening? A bugs? Help!!!

Cubase Pro 9.0.30
macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Ah, someone will write to me. Or all the same?

Guys, I do not understand a thing. I need a working MediaBay!!! Why do you ignore my message? where is the support?

Thank you for helping us solve the problems! I lose confidence in the company Steinberg. Freaky product.

The forums aren’t the place for official support. Use your MySteinberg account to contact support.

If nobody replied, it’s because no other user is having the same issue.

This has been a problem with Mediabay on a mac since it was introduced.

Make sure you don’t have any old SDII samples in any of your scanned folders - I’ve seen this screw things up.

There’s a long standing problem with AIF files. Some just don’t show up, and it seems to be those created by certain programs. A few years ago I got involved in an exchange with a Steinberg programmer trying to get to the bottom of this. They also saw the problem, but then totally dropped out of contact with me, and I’ve never since seen any improvement within mediabay to fix it.

I have this same issue on Windows 10 9.5 and they won’t acknowledge that it is an issue, even when my media bay miraculously starts working if I try to import any samples the software completely crashes.