Mediabay Files are a mess, Plz Help!!


Having purchased Cubasis earlier today, I have imported a load samples from my PC to Cubasis (using iFunbox, which has served me well on Beatmaker 2 & Auria), however, when going into the Audio section on Mediabay, all sample folders are automatically open (they are organised perfectly on other apps like Beatmaker & Auria). This leaves me having to minimize every folder which contains audio samples (otherwise having to scroll down countless of samples just to get to the ones I want is not good for my creativity). Is this is a glitch which needs to be addressed? am I doing something wrong?

Pleeeease any help is appreciated!


Cubasis could do with some file management improvements.

It’s ashame, being that the App deals with audio, the Mediabay (sample) structure should be a vital concern for Steinberg to address, I hope this gets sorted as quickly as possible.