Mediabay - find samples on hardrive

If I find a sample I like in Mediaybay I sometimes would like to know it location on the hard-drive.
In earlier versions I recall there was a function in the right click menu called ‘show in explorer’. It seems its not there anymore. Anyone know where it has been moved to ?

Best, Dr Tolle

I never noticed that capability in earlier versions. But the Media Bay’s Attribute Inspector will show the path to the file. However for all Steinberg’s VST3 content it’s not very helpful as the audio samples themselves are not in their own individual files but are part of larger .vstsounds files.

Best you can do is tag it in Media Bay so you can quickly find it again. You can always render it if you need a .wav file. Media Bay does let your create your own custom Attribute fields which might be useful for this.

Hey Raino
Thanks for reply. Sure - rendering the files is also the option I uses now.
Please check the screenshot. Here it shows ‘show in explorer’. I guess it should still be there somewhere ?

Regards Dr Tolle

Right in this moment I figured out why. As you said Raino - all the audio-files that cubase provides are inside another larger soundbankfile and can therefor not be showed. After I added some of my own samples and made a search on them the ‘show in explorer’ then was featured in the right-click menu.

Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Cool. Good to know about that function too.