Mediabay freeze

Mediabay freezes as soon as i hit F5, the gui doesn’t show up entirely> I’ve done the scanLog folder trick as mentioned here, but the text file created remains empty (0kB)…

What has changed since the last time i used Mediabay is that i’ve erased a partiton on my system drive and used it to extend my system partition to be the full disk now.

Can you help me ? I really need this mediabay to work again…


don’t know if you have done the following, but this was one instance where moving (to desktop) or “trashing” the contents of the application settings/data folder (or preferences, including for any previous Cubase version; check knowledge base), followed by a rescan, helped me.

Trash App Data & a full Rescan of our Drives will help.

yes in the start menu >programs >Steinberg >cubase7> user settings data folder , move the media bay 3 file to the desk top and restart Cubase and see if that helps , I had to do this as I had no files showing up even thou all drives were scanned and now it works fine :wink:

Thanks a lot guys, the last suggestion worked well ! Thanks a lot !