Mediabay - happy with the order of listings..?

So we get this, throughout Cubase’s browsers - why…? What’s the ‘logic’ at work here…? Why should Kit 10 list after Kit 1 yet well ahead of Kit 2 - 9 …?

It just looks/feels, err, clunky… I don’t know of another app on the planet that display’s a basic text string ‘list-order’, in this fashion…

Then again, it could be me who’s missed something with this… :blush:

Its not a problem; I can get on with my work - just curious for any thoughts anyone.


should it be similar to this? Im happy with the order of things.

Cheers for that tex - yeah, all’s fine here too with single digit runs.

Do you have any ‘family’ of sounds/presets/kits that include double-figure listings, and check what you see/occurs with the order of those…? The Allen Morgan kits should have some (‘Production Hybrid Kit…’ etc, or is that just in Vol2…? sorry, not sure about that now.)


Ordinary string comparison order will set “10” after “1”.

In cases where you can name things make numbers rightadjusted. Easiest is to call it “01” and then eventually “10”. But a blank will do it too.

But MediaBay is so full of bugs - I don’t even start to think about reporting it.

I tried to add something, and it was renamed in place to the left, but added in combobox on the right.
Selecting either in combobox list the same thing to the left activated.

What a mosh,…I just try to use what is there.

Thanks Larioso -
Hmm… this though, I don’t quite understand:-

Agreed, but only if there is no 2 - 9 available, yes…?
What about if there was a 2 - 9. Where in this ‘ordinary string comparison order’, would a ‘2’ appear…? After 1 or after 10…? Where would say item 100 appear…? After 99 or immediately after 10, ahead of 11 - 99…? If there is a hint/implication this is some kind of recognised ‘standard’ at work here (the methods SB appear to have also employed), then IMO I think thats a bonkers standard…! Put simply, their logic/algebra(?) appears plain wrong in dealing with these strings (lack of leading/trailing zeros).

Well, that sounds reasonable - is it the answer though, with the current ‘sort order’ mechanisms in place…? I don’t know. BTW the ‘answer’ I’m looking for is simply a proper numerical listing order.

You should, when you get a moment. Don’t have to bust a gut and do them all at once; build up (add to) a draft note, spread over a month or so. Maybe. They do read this stuff… :wink:

Yes, me too - but I know I’m guilty of not fully appreciating its power and how to work with it. I’m sure I could get more use out of it if there were other tutorials explaining how one could use the functions/tools available, in a variety of practical real-world tasks. I know I am not alone in that :wink:.

“Agreed, but only if there is no 2 - 9 available, yes…?”

No, anything with a “1” in same column will be listed first.
Then anything with “2”.
Same thing as it would be a letter “a” is before “b” etc.
A shorter string is considered lower value - so 10 come after one - unless right adjusted.

See each string as x columns of letters, and rows of strings like that, each column get sorted from left to right.

So you can affect the sort order with how you name things.

When you allow both letters and numbers in a string - I don’t think we will see numbered ordering, since in most cases it’s impossible. If ending with numbers it would be possible to handle that and insert fills to rightadjust it.

So if you name stuff with ending numbers - just do it like 001, 002 and similar. Then it will sort like you want.

Myself I would love to naming templates for just about everything. You know with placeholders “NNNNNNNNNN” for 10 position name, “HHMMSS” for timestamp etc. “000” could be number always three positions, with leading zeros. This for audio files, projects files and anything really.

In Reaper you have this ability.

Ah…! thank you for the further insight Larioso; very interesting reading. I see what you mean about text/number strings as individual ‘columns’.

If I’m following you correctly, it seems that Cubase’s Mediabay and its other browsers, consider the entire name string as individual columns of letters/numbers, which it uses to sort its display listing order; which is fine, except when it comes to those ‘rules’ handling trailing/leading zeros that have numeric entries at the right - which I now understand why its just wrong.

Well, I’m done…!

In all this, I am with you… I like how you describe the ‘Reaper way’ of working - providing more flexible handling of sort ordering name-text strings when listing a table of results in a database.

Guys, it’s Cubase Pro 8.5 already, but MediaBay sorting is the same! I think it’s couple rows of code to change. Steinberg, please, fix this!