MediaBay: having 'Include Folders and Subfolders' activated, hides .cpr project files in 'Project Templates'

see animated gif


I cannto reproduce it here. It works to me here. Are these user templates? Aren’t the files in a subfolder?

no they’re all just directly in the Project Templates folder, maybe that’s why? but still… they should show up regardless no?

Ahhh that is why. once they are put into subfolders they show up.

that still seems like a bug to me though and could be very confusing for some people in some cases… who knows how many things have gone “missing” because someone didn’t realize something was in the root directory. after all, this why cubase placed the templates by default.

Oddly enough, once I created a subfolder and put half in… the other half that were once hidden now show up still in the root directory… So I think it is a bug


disregard, the other ones are still hidden when in the one folder mode. But I still think it’s strange nonetheless

Other Root folders in User Content don’t have this problem. Only ‘Project Templates’

so it is a bug