MEDIABAY: How to remove a Defined Favorite?

In Mediabay, I’m unable to remove a -so called- Defined Favorite.
I mistakenly added a Favorite by pressing the “Add Favorite”-button in Mediabays’ File Browser, but now I can’t see how to delete this entry (it’s a duplicate from another Favorite) from the list?
Right clicking only shows “Always On Top”, but the manual says that there should pop up an option to delete an entry…and right-clicking on the Favorite’s location in Mediabays’ File Browser shows a lot of options, but not “delete Favorite from list”…

What am I doing wrong?

Niek/ Amsterdam

It sort of looks differnt now in 8.2. But in File Browser - Favorites - there are Folders marked with a star. They have a right cklick - remove folder option.


Thanks Oswald, that helped, and I learned that the Favorites now have their own folder in the File Browser.
I also misinterpret the manual, but now I understand it correctly.

Niek/ Amsterdam.