MediaBay in Cubase 8 & 9 and more

Hi, wise people! :wink:

Where is MediaBay’s button “Remove Browse Location Definition [!]” in Cubase Elements 9?
Cubase Elements 8 have it, Cubase Pro 9 have it too (I saw in videos), but Cubase Elements 9 doesn’t have it. I still need to hold 8th version only for management of MediaBay? No, not only that. There are more issues which marks your job as not completed.

Where is Help? Menu -> Help -> Cubase Help -> … it opens a browser and then “You will be automatically redirected to the target page.” Why? Hey, people! Why dinosaurs are still beside you? It’s 21th century! All menues can be generated usin XML or other way. All can be updated very quickly with updates you provide. Some programmers (like me and another million guys) are working to make other’s job easier. I suppose your mission is the same.

Another point - do you really thing that online help really helps? I think it was good enough to have PDF file on desktop or somewhere locally. And again - still need to hold 8th version. And not only for PDFs and MediaBay’s button for removing Locations.

P.S. Yes, I can’t compose music without that button and can’t sleep well without reading at night :wink:

Okay, I accidentally found that button. It is beside “Add” button. But why such changes? There was button “Rescan”. Now Rescan is on RightClick.

Hey, very good people, THANK YOU for Cubase (the best DAW in a world), but lets talk about convenience (?)
In a MediaBay left list is a list of physical places and there is no way to add or remove something. So why these two buttons are there? They should be on right side, where is a popup list of defined locations.

Sorry about my accusations, but I’m programmer, sysop, graphic designer and… very pedant :slight_smile: (aah, musician too!)
I’m not waiting that someone from Steinberg starts talking with me, but I hope that my comments warms somebody’s ears. Lets make world better! :slight_smile: