MediaBay is giving me a hard time!

This happens after every new start of Cubase. The MediaBay is very slow overall.

Apple iMac 2014
Mac OS X 10.11.5
Cubase 8.5.20
Installed on the internal fusion drive. However there are additional samples on an external hard drive connected via thunderbolt.

Any suggestions for a faster workflow?

its probably ur external hard drive its scanning, especially if its not SSD the scan rate is slower.

also maybe resetting ur preferences can quicken it

this usually happens with me once upon startup of cubase, then after that media bay knows where everything is

At every start of Cubase, Cubase will rescan all the Mediabay content… Steinberg say that’s not a bug but made “By Design”…Very annoying… I have more than 100 000 stuff in my Mediabay and have to wait at each start 5 mn to began to work ! not a good “Design” for me !