Mediabay is locking up workspaces

I have created a workspace including the Mediabay browser. Whenever I select that preset, I can no longer switch workspaces preset using the the key commands. I have to either change it in the Window menu or close the Mediabay. The Sound browser doesn’t cause this problem. All the other workspaces change nicely with the keypad until I get to that one.
It’s not a huge problem, but I wonder if there is something I am missing, or some kind of bug.

Double check, your shortcut is not access to the different function/command. Make sure, your Virtual Keyboard is switched off.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 10.21.39 AM.png
I checked the Key commands and it looks okay. I chose “default” preset also. Virtual keyboard is off.
Because the behavior is so consistent, it seems like a bug. Does anyone else have this problem with Mediabay?

If you post a step by step repro that results in the problem you’re describing someone might be able to help check this out.

  1. Create a workspace with Media bay open. Name it, lock it.
  2. There are other workspaces that don’t have Mediabay open.
  3. To switch workspaces, pull down window menu > Workspaces, and select form the list. That’s fine.
  4. To switch workspaces with key command, use “option + pad #n” . These are all factory default commands.
  5. Once you recall the Mediabay workspace… no more switching is possible.

My result is that the workspaces will change appropriately except the one that has the open Mediabay window. It will not change to any other workspaces unless chosen from the pull-down menu. Also, I can’t access the Organize Workspaces window via the “w” key command while in this state.

This is OS X 10.8.2