Mediabay keeps resetting on startup

Hi Guys,

Im having this rather irritating thing with cubase, everytime i start cubase i need to give in my search parameters again.
This is really annoying and bugging me out. I like to search sounds by date modified but each time again cubase resets my search settings :frowning:.
Anyone has encountered this and has a solution?
Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

What search parameters do you mean exactly, please? Do you search by text? Or do you use Attributes or the Logical? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Are you sure Cubase quits properly? Isn’t there a silent-crash while quit?

Sorry for the late reply, didnt get any notifications.
I attached a picture to show what settings keep resetting.


I can reproduce it and I have reported it to Steinberg CAN-28577.

That would be awesome!

Will you keep me updated about this issue please?


I’m sorry, I can’t promise. Regarding the amount of topics I have here on the forum, I’m afraid it’s impossible.

Please read the Version History PDF once new Cubase update will coming. You would find it out there, if it will be fixed.

And please ask steinberg to had again the “rating” filter in the “track preset” window…