mediabay messed up


I am somehow confused by my mediabay in Halion 4 (I’m on a Mac). I have imported some of my old HALion 3 sound banks and they are listed under Factory Content/VST3 Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/HALion. Obviously, some of them aren’t factory content and not made by Steinberg as they are old imported HALion content. In my attempt to rebuild all my mediabay databases, I more or less moved away all Steinberg HALion 3/4 and Cubase 5/7 plist files and folder from ~/Library/Preferences, hoping that everything would be gone and I could start afresh. But this somehow wasn’t the case. When I restarted HAlion 4 standalone, it still somehow automatically detects my VST Sound folder and oddly also all those hsb links that I really want gone (if this is even possible) - at least for now (they have this (archive://hashvalue) string appended).

The whole mess came up, because my customly made HALion3 soundbanks (imported from old Akai cds) aren’t tagged and it is really hard to find them in the media bay. I somehow figured out that I could drag them into the programs view and give them tags - they would even show up as instrument set. But once I have made these, I had the newly saved vst 3 presets with tags and those old entries as duplicates without tags that I want gone.

I hope that somebody here can follow all that and maybe has a hint for me what I can do :slight_smile: