MediaBay not always retaining user entered data



Do you have the rights to write to this folder where the samples are stored?

yeah I fixed it by restarting the program, maybe was just a once-off problem.

Hmm, probably actually seems to be recurring but not always. it’s intermittent and I think it has something to do with ‘Include Subfolders’ button.

this has narrowed it down more

it seems it occurs when there are
a.) a series of sub-folders
b.) ‘Include Subfolders’ is on or off when the information is entered…

2nd problem related to the ‘include sub-folders’ button:


It seems rescanning fixes this 2nd problem, but it is recurring. not sure what causes it and why rescanning fixes. the other problem persists despite rescans.

I stumbled on some samples that doesn’t remember tags, like there is some kind protection (but its not file write protection) I solve it by batch re-save (Just load them in some program and save as with same type and details like original) I am using Reaper for that :slight_smile:

There are some older .aif files I have in my sample library that Cubase (and Wavelab) won’t import or play, yet my other sample players and OSX finder recognises them perfectly ok.

All of my files are .wavs and are relatively new, or are new as of a few days ago.