Mediabay not previewing on phones

Title says it all…
ATM I need to be able work with headphones also for awhile and am totally lost.

I use CR.
I have selected “use phones Channel as preview channel”.
My phones out is outputs 7 and 8.
Outputs 1-6 are my main 5.1 out.

Mediabay previews only on main out, not phones out. Why?
I have searched and RTFM many times but don’t seem to find solution and feel stupid.

Seems like nobody else don’t work with headphones ever.
Or the answer to my question is so stupid and simple that nobody dares to explain me this so I wouldn’t look like an idiot…

I use an old RME Fireface 800 and do run into this, but am always able to fix it by doing the following:

  • Double-checking CR is enabled, and the outputs for Phones are correct
  • Switching back and forth and making sure use phones Channel as preview is set properly
  • Checking the volume knob for Phones is up sufficiently in Nuendo & my audio interface

I’m sure you’ve done all of these. I hope you’ve been able to figure it out! I created a shortcut sequence to turn Phones preview on and off which made things a bit easier.

Done all the same, many times, no go :frowning:

I use all the time headphone preview
but it just works on my system