MediaBay not showing all media - just folder on external drive

Cubase Pro 10.5
Windows 10 Pro

MediaBay used to show all the included Cubase media. Now the only thing I can access when I press F5 is a small favorited folder of samples I added to the library as an extra folder. I know there’s a way to restore the default folders because when I view “media” in the “right zone” column, I can find all the default items there. It seems counter-productive for just a single favorite folder to show up in the MediaBay when I want to see all items. Nothing I do will apparently reset that function. What do I need to do to get MediaBay window to show me all the default instruments, effects, loops, samples, as well as favorite folders, etc.?

Thanks in advance,


I’ve been doing some exhaustive research. Apparently this is a sticking point with Cubase when using the upgrade path rather than entirely removing and reinstalling. All too often, when upgrading from a previous version (say 10) to the latest version (say 10.5.20) you end up losing all your presents. Ugh. This is something that probably could be fixed with a patch. I hope someone at Steinberg is listening. It’s happened a couple times so far for me. Each time I end up having to uninstall, remove everything in the steinberg folders and reinstall from the full download.

Please please please… Fix this. I’ll probably be getting 11.0 soon, and I’m not looking forward to doing this again. It means having to reinstall all the other plugins too. There has got to be a better way, Steinberg.

Unfortunately the below “fix” did not work for me.