Mediabay output routing ( to preview thru external fx ) not possible?


i allready did a search, but wasn’t finding exactly what i was looking for…

I got control room activated ( because i use sonarworks as an insert ) on Monitor 2 ( Main OUTS - 1&2)
I use Monitor 1 ( default preview output ) to send mediabay output to another physical out on my soundcard ( 3&4 ).

my problem is this : i cannot use both at the same time… either monitor 1 or montior 2 is ON.
So i can’t preview thru external fx, WHILE hearing the track playing

Any idea ?

PS : it would be way more simple if media bay’s output be like a regular input in cubase ( with routing and inserts etc… ) - that would be a huge improvement.

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Not possible, been requested in the past, Steinberg should logically add this option (Media Bay having it’s own channel) as it would make life so much easier to hear a loop in full context. It would particularly be handy if dragging musical loops, and being able to transform/lock the loop into a desired musical key as auditioning them.
Alternative is, create an audio track with the relevant FX etc, drag the loop/s into it, perhaps don’t copy to the project pool until you find the one you want.
…get hold of LoopCloud, although I think for the new one, you need a subscription, can scan your own library loops using it, you can then add FX since it’s an instrument track, lock it to certain keys etc, it works well.

BUT best for Steinberg to implement this.

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