Mediabay - Preview Level Auto-level

Would love to see an option that automatically finds the average and peak level of sounds when searching in Mediabay and adjusts the preview level to a user definable setting to help avoid getting blasted when previewing very loud sounds, especially if coming across loud sounds after searching for things like room tones where the preview level gets turned up a fair bit.

I find I’m often getting blasted when skipping through my FX library and it’s pretty time consuming having to constantly adjust the preview level for each sound being previewed.

Each sound could have it’s loudness profile included in the Mediabay database which could be determined by a library scan so that it didn’t slow down the library search process.

My first gut reaction when just reading the thread title was to jump in and type “oh no”.
You have a really well thought out idea here, I fully am in favour of it (of course we would still need to be able to somehow control the level outside of that, but I think it sounds like a pretty clever concept.

Yep, not a bad idea. So +1 from me