Mediabay: Preview @ project tempo doesn't work for REX/RX2

In C6, when previewing REX / RX2 files in the mediabay, they are still not played in sync with the project tempo!

But if I drag the RX2 file directly onto an audio track in the arrange window, then it does follow the project tempo.
It is just the preview tempo in mediabay that doesn’t work correctly.

(This was happening in C5.5.2 as well)

Bah. I can’t believe this is still happening. Been this way since Cubase 4. I really thought for once this would be working. I have had to use alternatives because of this major let down. UVI workstation works fantastic and is free. If you have the coin, look into Stylus RMX too.

Hello… Yes, we know that this is still an open request. Recycle file handling is different compared to other audio file formats, e.g. in order to play them in project context/tempo they can not be just “warped” as we do it with other audio formats, it needs a special kind of player to support all MediaBay Previewer features for Recycle files. While it sounds trivial from the outside it needs some development time and we have to deal with a 3rd party component in this regard, which comes as it is. Sorry, but it had to skipped again and needs to be re-evaluated for another release.

It is an important feature. Would you say it will be maybe included in Cubase 7?

I do appreciate the reply. I have to ask however, why does just about every other DAW out there have no such problems doing exactly what you claim as ‘trivial’ and ‘needing more time’. You are aware this is not a new problem and it has been voiced for many years now yet you put resources such as time and money into Loopmash 2 which seems to get no love since its inception yet ignore what users are actually asking for? Mediabay is completely broken for any audio file that is not WAV/AIFF. I have no idea why you even sport that Mediabay supports RX2 when its functionality is down the toilet when it is handled the way it is. Freeware programs such as UVI Workstation handle RX2 files to the projects tempo and have done so since day 1, why not Cubase/Nuendo?

Thanks for the reply Christian.

This is very disappointing, as it is a very basic piece of functionality, still missing after many years, which seriously interferes with the creative “let’s get a new track going” process.

While I accept that the coding required is not “trivial”, it is also not rocket science either.
Other developers seem to have managed it OK, maybe you could ask them how they did it if you are uncertain of the APIs?


No, no rocket science. Just time required to achieve it. It competes with other themes, as everything does, and then there was a deadline to meet.

So how are we doing with this… any idea when we will see this feature in cubase?

Some day.


I just hope I don’t have to pay for a new release for this function. :bulb: Actually I think I might ditch Cubase 6 and buy Ableton Suite instead; can’t believe this problem hasn’t been fixed since Cubase 4!

“UVI Workstation” (a free VSTi) is a good workaround.

Is this still being looked into? It has been literally years since this problem has surfaced dating back to Cubase 4. I too have resorted to the UVI Workstation workaround which is great, however, I noticed a problem between using it and Halion 4 earlier this week. Previewing a loop in UVI Workstation, then dragging and dropping said loop straight into Halion 4 works no problem, however, the sample can never be found upon starting up of the project again. Halion 4 cannot find it as it came from UVI Workstation and not Mediabay/Windows Explorer.

The point I am trying to make is these workaround have limitations as well and one would not have to rely on 3rd party software to preview their RX2 in time with the project LIKE CUBASE STATES IT DOES if Mediabay just did this properly from the beginning. It isn’t like RX2 files are new or anything, they have only been out for 12 years now. :unamused:

Steinberg, please, fix this problem.


Is this problem still not solved?

I have Cubase 7 and REX2 files still play back with their original tempo in the loop browser.
I bought so many libraries in REX2 format, and it is no fun broswing them.

Please fix this problem! There are so many DAWs that do this right, and the media bay is one reason why I though it´s a good idea to use Cubase :frowning:

It never got fixed in C6, and development has now stopped for this version.
You could try posting a feature request in the C7 forum, but this is clearly not a priority for them.

The annoying thing is that if you drag the REX/RX2 to an audio track, the tempo is correct and the slices are positioned in the correct times. So in theory, mediabay could render the RX2 as a WAV (internally) then warp that WAV to correct tempo for preview. This would eliminate the need for a special RX2 preview engine to trigger slices individually, and so would be relatively easy to code, since mediabay already performs the warp to preview WAVs at project tempo. Definitely no rocket science, as has been pointed out.

“UVI workstation” remains a reasonable workaround, but I still think the feature should “just work” in Cubase!

I got Kontakt , and pretty much work with REX files perfectly , and also have great sampling capabilities, i love Cubase but they really lacked in the sampling area. IMO .

Steinberg: seriously, this is just silly. This has been YEARS now!

Please, please, please make this a priority! I do not want to have to wait for Cubase 8, or 9, or 10 to have this sorted out. Mediabay would be immensely useful if you’d just fix the previewer. This a truly broken feature, and it’s just sad that you’ve not made this a higher priority. It’s important!


I have been waiting years for this to happen!!!

I have to use Ableton Live as a rewire just for this function and hate having to rewire!!!

Why will you not do this after people have been requesting it for many years?

It would be great to right click and slice to groove agent from the media bay!!!

This is the way I produce and it has me leaning more towards Ableton live.

I find Cubase to slow for things like this and to have it all would make Cubase a more fully loaded DAW.



I couldn’t agree more. It’s absurd that Steinberg continues to ignore this request. Also, it often calculates loop tempo wrong even for wav/aiff, and there’s no easy way to fix this. “Check tempo” doesn’t do it. So, for instance, when trying to preview loops from ‘Shimmer & Shake’, they’re all at half speed. W… T… F, Steinberg. Get it together. You’re right, rewiring Ableton just to preview loops is an absurd length to have to go to. But, I’m contemplating just that. I can’t work like this.

Steinberg… please, for the love of all that is good and right in the universe, FIX THIS.