MediaBay questions

Hi all,

Long time Cubase user but I just started using MediaBay recently.

A couple of MediaBay questions I am hoping someone could clear up. Tried finding any info in the manual as well as web searching but came up with nothing.

  1. I have noticed that when I am auditioning loops in MediaBay and have it set up where it matches the project tempo, it sometimes chooses the wrong bar length so the sample is getting “stretched” incorrect. I know where the bar setting is in the sample editor but I couldn’t find anything like this in MediaBay when you are just auditioning files. Does this exist?

  2. Also, I have folders that MediaBay has scanned but is not showing anything in them. These are folders with standard wave files. I would think that this is some sort of filter setting but I can’t seem to adjust anything to have these files show up. I am sure this is something simple that I have just overlooked. Any setting that would allow some wave files to show up but not others?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



1: not sure why it would stretch, but when using media bay preview and auditioning sound make sure cursor is at bar 1 and set loop marker from there.

2: next to your folders should be check marks, make sure they are checked and active.


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